Social Media Marketing and Management

Work-of-mouth used to be enough to grow your customer base. Someone would see a movie or eat at a restaurant, and you’d hear about their experience at the water cooler or in social events.  

That doesn’t necessarily happen today. Customers are getting younger, and instead of going online or calling a friend for advice, they scroll through the latest Tweets or status updates for ideas to compare products and services.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth and it is unstoppable. Facebook is the most visited site in the world, and along with Twitter, and YouTube, they generate billions of page views each month. ROI Franchise Marketing creates and manages social media campaigns to make the expansive social media landscape tangible and effective for franchises of all sizes.

Our Social Media Marketing & Management services include:

  • Social Media Account Creation & Management
  • Engage and converse with consumer directly
  • Add sharing capabilities to online presence
  • Start and maintain a blogging presence
  • Monitor Analytics

It’s a mistake to not be engaging social media because of the potential good will that you can do for customers. Learning how to interact with a demographic that is increasingly turning to social media is a key to success.

Contact ROI Franchise Marketing and let’s get started increasing your brand’s awareness today.